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This site ( CLICK HERE ) is collaboration at the University of Teesside between the Department of Academic Enterprise (Steve Thompson, The School of Computing (Dave Eagle) and the School of Arts and Media (Tony Nicholson)

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Two new projects have just begun which will see community media content generated on this and associated sites. The projects are “Digital Discovery” which is a Digital City project and “East Cleveland Community ICT”. In fact both projects focus on East Cleveland and in particular the Rural Communities of East Cleveland. A new website is just starting at www.eastcleveland.org.uk

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The TVCO website has been revamped. TVCO was set up by the University Of Teesside in January 2000, funded by ERDF Resider.

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An alternative voice of Tesside students online. Mob stands for Mobile and that explains the whole philosophy of the site is to test the capabilities of ICT technologies that every single one of us have at their disposal