Tees Valley Community Media & BBC Open Centre

The first in a series of Community Media workshops took place today with students of Bydales School (below)

The students were learning to scan images and archive techniques in preparation for a project to be run at Marske library to build an achive of images which the local community will bring in for scanning.

The students practiced with a couple of archive images and then created some up to date images by scanning the contents of their pockets. These can be seen ” title=”56 Atwork5″ >” title=”57 Atwork6″ >” title=”58 Atwork7″ >” title=”59 Atwort4″ >” title=”60 Atwortk2″ >” title=”61 Atwortk3″ >” title=”62 Atwortk” >” title=”63

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