Apres Mela

The Mela Mega Weekend was a huge

success. This is the first year we have taken the two events of Saturd

ays Sports Mela and the Sunday Main Mela and turned it in to ONE two day event. Saturday started really well but we had heavy downpours.

We were obliged to position the large screen on hard standing rather than the prime position beside the stage but it still worked really well and the Abbingdon Road School animations went down really well.

Student and community volunteers made up the camera crew providing footage to the big screen as well as a group of stills photographers contributing the flavour of the Mela from across the park.

Podcasts of the main stage musical performances and the images were successfully added to the site LIVE from our “community media van” by virtue of a bank of laptops and a USB modem.

The Mela management committee were delighted with the great success of the two day event and will most certainly carry the idea forward to next year. Figures for Saturday were close to 5,000 visitors and 26,000 people on Sunday. We had the usual excellent vibe and atmosphere. The website got just over 800 visitors and we will continue to get hits for a week or so as visitors to the actual event return to the “Digital Mela” to look at pictures (hoping to see themselves there)

Things to do while you wait for next years Mega Mela Weekend. (1) Go to the news section and find out when it is ! (2) Fill in the feedback form to tell us what you thought of Mela 2008 (3)