First Podcast From Whitecliffe Primary

How many schoolchildren do you know can tell a story of spending a night in the mine to avoid a German Zeppelin or of being sent home as mines washed up on the local beach and lost roof tiles on their school when one blew up? Check out Whitecliffe Primary School’s first podcast at Radio Skinningrove as they read from the 134 year old Skinningove School logbook.

(right) Whitecliffe Podcasters with Barry Hunt (Click to enlarge)

Across The Generations

The Skinningrovers

An interesting session was had by all at The BBC

today. The Skinningrovers were presenting their ideas for the Ochre Trail and the Virtual Tour that would accompany it. Several Skinningrove youngsters from Whitecliffe primary school had come along. The kids were delighted to see that the grown ups were just big kids really when they were shown the movies “Tommy’s Plight” and “Skinningrove – Welcome To The Future”.

My assistant helps with the powerpoint

The Skinnigrovers told of a boat they had rescued from Whitby where it was due to be disposed of.