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There has been a change to Loftus Digital Village. The Image archive has grown very large and is not simply a Loftus Image archive. SO – it is now known as the East Cleveland Image Archive and it’s still at http://www.ecol.org.uk/loftus – John Hannah’s team at Loftus Library will continue to beaver away at the archive. There is now a new site for is Loftus Digital Village is http://www.ecol.org.uk/loftusdv – Pages pertinent to Loftus are there and Loftus specific images. The site is in its infancy.

I’ve started to implement another other strategy and you can see the idea here http://www.skinningrove.tv/image-archive/ NB the images are not actually on the Skinningrove site – merely displayed there

Others have been added

STAITHES http://www.staithes.org.uk/image-archive/

BROTTON added http://www.brotton.org.uk/image-archive/

CARLIN HOW – http://www.carlinhow.org.uk/old-carlin-how-photos/image-archive/

LOFTUS http://ecol.org.uk/loftusdv/image-archive/

MARGROVE PARK http://www.margrovepark.com/images/archive-images/

SKELTON http://ecol.org.uk/skelton/

SALTBURN http://saltburn.org.uk/image-archive/

This is a fabulous resource for East Cleveland

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