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A UK online Centres event for Durham and Teesside

26th of March 2003 at the  University Of Teesside

The event is about sustaining and developing the UK online network and the way forward for centres. Featured at the event will be the Octorama which will contain multi media content from UK online centres on the theme of:

Family Links

Click here for examples of community art from the event

Stories from the event
Tahzeeb - Valerie  -Terminus

For more information about the Octorama contact:
Steve Thompson, University Of Teesside - 01642 342786 or 07860 374047

Content for the Octorama can be sounds, videos or images.  We would like as many Durham and Teesside Centres as possible to run workshops to produce content for the exhibition. Sound bites should be no longer than 20 seconds. Video can be digital or VHS. Images should be 720 by 534 pixels in size. Assisance can be given if needed for Centres to run workshops. The deadline for delivering content for exhibition is March 1st.

News - Many UK Online Centres are now participating and the BBC Bus has just joined us and will be collecting material throughout February. Click here to see Middlesbrough's Hope Foundation hard at work.

Where will the bus be?  - About the bus

You will find below some examples of content ideas on the theme of family links.


note from Steve Thompson:- These Family Link ideas are mostly from my own family archives. I hope they give you an idea of the kind of thing that can be done.
Sons Of Consett This is a collage of me, my father, his father, his father and his father: five generations
The House Where
I Was Born
Grandma's Coat A coat passed down through the family.
Mary's Wedding This is a picture of me, my aunt Mary and my cousin Christine. The two kids in front are me and my cousin as page boy and bridesmaid at my aunt Mary's wedding.
The Bench A succession of images telling a story
Railway Cottages A picture sent from Toronto
Grandfathers Tools
Phone Link Created using Microsoft Autoroute. A scan from an atlas could be used (actually this breaches copyright but we have developed a tutorial to keep you keep you out of jail.)
My Mothers Shop
The GI Bride A poem written by my aunt Eva and read by my mother
Community Archives An event help a while ago at North Ormesby 2001. people brought in objects to be scanned or photographed and an auctioneer did the antiques roadshow type valuation.
Through he Ages A collage of old and not so old photos
Dreams Old photos again, with a humorous twist