Images - Sound - Video

Please be certain that you or your family are the owner(s) of the copyright of any material used.


Image Size

All images should be 720 pixels wide and 534 pixels high. You should start with a canvas this size and add all your other images and text to it. A background image to start from is downloadable by right-clicking here.

File type

Final images should be saved as .jpg (jaypeg) but whilst you are working on your image you may wish to save it as a .psd to keep all the elements separate
File names The following naming convention should be used:-


Where the first abbreviation represents the participating centre (in this instance - Hope Foundation, then the participants name and finally a number as many people may wish to create more than one image


Images should be saved without compression


Although these images will be projected onto a large screen you still need to make sure that the size and colour of font makes it easy to read. Do not place too much text into an image as each images will only be projected for 10 seconds maximum.
Consecutive images If you wish to tell a story by creating a series of images then you should place all the images into a folder and number them in the correct sequence as above.
Sound Sound bites should be mono, in .wav format and   no longer than 20 seconds in length. If your recordings are on cassette or other medium then we can digitise them for you but you must make sure all items are clearly marked with a name and address.
Video Digital video should be in .avi format and full screen (720 X 534) or on Digital Video tape. We can also digitise any VHS tapes or possibly other formats