Ormesby Dreams of Octorama

Students of Ormesby School are working on a multi media exhibition to be launched in March 2008. The exhibition which will feature voices, music, images and animation will run in the University of Teesside’s OCTORAMA. The students will run a workshop at the BBC’s Open Centre in MIddlesbrough on November 22nd to pitch their ideas to invited guests to encourage other schools and communities to contribute to the exhibition. The theme for the exhibition will be “Dreams” (wishes, hopes, aspirations) and the children hope their parents will visit the school to record their own voices to add to the soundscape.

The Octorama is a fourteen metre diameter art installation with eight large screens and eight independent sound sources running audio visual content (images, video, ambient soundscapes, voices, poems) and affords the visitor a totally immersive experience. The first outing of the Octorama was at the People And Place event in Eston, February 2003.

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