Stockton Weekender Pics

The pictures below are by Christine Wilson. As part of the Community Media Team Christine’s, pictures not are just of bands and performers but of the Community Media Crew themselves as well as many other unsung backstage heroes.

Our web stream is now inactive and the huge stage-side screens that we fed all weekend are long gone. The team have all gone their separate ways. All that is left are memories but they are good ones. Like the half hour or so when a huge storm hit and we all had to take shelter in our steel cabin with lightning striking so close we were in danger of frying. The storm was so bad we didn’t even have a mobile phone signal. We did the only thing we could do – laugh! And boy did we laugh! We told jokes (good and bad), magic tricks (good and bad) and gooned around. ask edd . Adie from YSLV (the screen company) amazed us all by levitating. It even freaked some of us out. I’d swear he was a good two foot off the ground, honest!

The final laugh came when I returned to the location today only to see our media cabin loaded on the truck and leaving the site. I just caught it in time to avert a disaster and we have our cables (not wires !) and stuff for the next time. Here’s to the next time – thanks team.

Steve T

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