The Headcam

A report by Steve Thompson, Community Media Coordinator.

I developed this for a number of reasons. Firstly it’s wacky and fun and I thought it was sure to catch peoples attention and get them interested. The other reason is that it is very practical. It captures immediate video without the need for digitising content (usually by firewire).

The background was a number of “video booth” consultations I had set up using a simple set up of a webcam hooked up to a laptop. Click here for more

In this variation the webcam is attached to a baseball cap and hooked up to a laptop carried in a backpack.

News of the Headcam spreads and one day a bunch of people come to my office to try it out. Click Here to see the results

To see this you need the real player. Download it for free HERE

The headcam was next deployed during a “web weekend” in which the community was engaged in building the Hunwick Digital Village website over a weekend. To the right you can see a young lad getting kitted out with the headcam ready to embark on some investigative journalism (visiting his mum). The result is an art house movie or watching paint dry whichever is your point of view.

To view the Hunwick headcam footage. CLICK HERE

To see this you need the real player. Download it for free HERE

Next the headcam was used in Thorntree during a consultation process known as “Planning For Real” In the picture below you can see the headcam on the head of the girl to the right. She is hooked up to the backpack carried by the boy to the left of her.

Here are some of their movies: (Quicktime)

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